Videos (own research)

Videos  (own research)

ABM for social security

Aprendizaje de la ciencia de datos y la biología computacional

Automatic Music Generation

Automatic Music Generation by Deep Learning, Juan Carlos García and Emilio Serrano. Presented at the DCAI 2018 conference. Web tool also available here.

UbikSim Web Service + google glasses

Example of a prototype for the evacuation of the ETSIT at UPM combining Google Glass for real users and virtual agents with social simulation. Our aim is to test evacuation techniques using participatory social simulation. The social simulator has been developed with UbikSim.

EscapeSim and UbikSim

Designing, evaluating, and refining ambient intelligence services with participatory simulations.


BigTweet is an agent-based social simulator for rumor spreading models and rumor control strategies in Twitter with support for Big Data technologies

UbikSim 2.0

Agent-based social simulation framework for ambient intelligence systems and IoT environments


Tool for the analysis and visualization of multi-agent system interactions.

The first UbikSim

UbikSim presentation video

Modelling interacting humans (UbikSim)

Representing Sensor Data to Validate Alerts in Ambient Assisted Living


Manual testing of an AR application (UbikSim+UbikMobile)

Modelling a user model interacting with a real smartphone (UbikSim+UbikMobile)

Code generation with Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

Social Choice in intelligent environments (UbikSim+VoteSim)

Testing emergency plans with social simulation (UbikSim+EscapeSim)

Studying requisites for hospitals by agent based social simulations (UbikSim + knowledge engineering)